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3 Benefits Available Through Louisiana Workers’ Compensation

On Behalf of The Law Office of Bruce C. Betzer Nov. 5, 2021

Most workers in Louisiana have protection if they get hurt on the job. The Louisiana workers’ compensation insurance program provides benefits so that employed individuals don’t suffer permanent financial hardship because of the risk that comes with working a job.

Depending on the circumstances, there are multiple benefits available to workers who get hurt or develop debilitating medical conditions because of their employment. What kind of benefits can workers expect to receive after an injury on the job or a diagnosis with a work-acquired medical condition?

Medical Benefits

One of the most valuable workers’ compensation benefits is often downplayed by people who don’t understand its importance. The medical coverage through workers’ compensation is much better than the coverage offered by private insurance programs.

There’s no co-pay or deductible for a patient to worry about because there is no patient financial responsibility. The insurance company will pay for all of the necessary care after a worker gets hurt. They might cover surgeries, prescription medications or physical therapy.

Disability or Indemnity Benefits

One of the biggest concerns about getting hurt on the job is that a worker may have to take a leave of absence. Time off means a break in income, which could put their living situation at risk or destroy their credit score.

Indemnity or disability benefits help cover the wages a worker losses because of their medical condition. Employees can potentially receive up to two-thirds of their unearned wages or two-thirds of the difference between their old earning potential and their new income. There are both permanent and temporary benefits available for workers in different medical situations.

Death Benefits for Surviving Family Members

The sad truth is that some workers lose their lives while trying to support their families. When a worker dies on the job, their family will have substantial financial hardships to overcome. Workers’ compensation can help by providing funeral and burial coverage, as well as indemnity benefits to the family for the wages their loved one will no longer contribute to the household.

Knowing the basics about the benefits of available can help those who need to file a workers’ compensation claim because they got hurt or lost a loved one.