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Hurricane Damage Claims Attorneys Metairie, Louisiana

In Louisiana, the potential to be hit by a hurricane is a fact of life. Many people accept this risk and pay significant premiums to make sure property damage costs will be covered if a hurricane hits. Far too often, however, insurance companies find ways to deny or delay legitimate hurricane damage claims by homeowners. In cases like this, it takes the service of an experienced lawyer to make sure you get the insurance payment you deserve.

At the Law Office of Bruce C. Betzer, we can help you. Backed by more than a decade of experience, our legal team shares a strong commitment to providing each client with personalized, dedicated service.

Guidance After a Tragedy


Helping You in All Aspects of Your Insurance Claim Coverage

We represent clients throughout the Metairie and New Orleans, Louisiana, areas who have suffered property damage from Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Gustav, Hurricane Isaac and other hurricanes and tropical storms.

We can help you with all aspects of your claim, including:

  • Filing your claim

  • Appealing claim denials

  • Negotiating with your insurance company to provide you with timely coverage

  • Bringing a bad faith claim against your insurance company

Insurance companies are not motivated to pay off on claims. Without legal experience, it is easy to say the wrong things or make critical errors in the claim itself that could give the insurance company legal justification for denying or delaying the payment of your claim.

There is no substitute for working with an experienced, aggressive lawyer who can stand up for your rights against the insurance company and make sure you obtain the coverage you have paid for.

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To schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced attorney, call The Law Office of Bruce C. Betzer at in Louisiana. Our office is located in Metairie, and you can also reach out to us through our online form.