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Can You Reopen a Closed Workers' Compensation Case in Louisiana?

Law Office of Bruce C. Betzer Feb. 5, 2024

We know that dealing with the aftermath of a serious accident can be an uphill battle. You're not just grappling with physical pain and emotional trauma, but also the staggering challenges of mounting medical bills, loss of income, and the complexities of dealing with insurance companies. It's during such trying times that the support of a dependable personal injury attorney becomes invaluable. At the Law Office of Bruce C. Betzer, we understand these struggles intimately and are dedicated to standing by your side, advocating for your rights, and helping you secure the compensation you rightfully deserve.  

Here at the Law Office of Bruce C. Betzer, our approach is personalized and hands-on. Our experienced team brings together a wealth of legal experience and an in-depth understanding of Louisiana law to fight for you. But we're not just about offering representation—we're here to provide compassionate support, standing by your side every step of the way. Our commitment to securing full and fair compensation for your injuries and losses drives us to fight tirelessly on your behalf. Above all, we believe in transparency, ensuring you're always in the loop and offering you peace of mind during this difficult period. So, reach out to us at our Metairie office or contact us online for a free initial consultation to discuss your situation. We're here for you. 

Possibility of Reopening a Closed Workers' Compensation Case

When it comes to workers' compensation, it's often thought that once a case is closed, it's final. However, the reality in Louisiana is a bit different. In certain circumstances, it is indeed possible to reopen a closed workers' compensation case. This can happen when there are changes in your medical condition or if you discover new information that wasn't available or known at the time of the original settlement or hearing.  

However, it's crucial to remember that the process of reopening a case isn't straightforward. It involves meeting specific legal criteria and understanding complex procedures. The Louisiana Workers' Compensation Act provides guidelines on how and when a case can be reopened. According to Louisiana Revised Statutes 23:1310.8, a workers' compensation judge can modify an existing order within one year from the date the order was signed, provided there's a change in conditions or a mistake in identity, or if the order was procured by fraud.  

How to Reopen a Closed Workers' Compensation Case

To reopen a closed workers' compensation case in Louisiana, you'll need to file a Disputed Claim for Compensation form with the Office of Workers' Compensation Administration. This form serves as a formal request to reopen your case. It's essential to provide detailed information about why you're seeking to reopen the case, including any changes in your medical condition or new evidence that supports your claim.  

You must also serve a copy of this form to your employer or their workers' compensation insurer. Once the form is filed and served, the case will be assigned to a workers' compensation judge, who will review your request. If the judge determines that there are valid reasons to reopen the case, they will schedule a hearing.  

Remember, timing is critical when it comes to reopening a workers' compensation case. Louisiana law has strict time limits for filing such requests. Typically, you have one year from the date of the original order to file a request to reopen your case. If you miss this deadline, you may lose your right to reopen the case.  

Why You Might Need to Reopen a Case

There are several reasons why you might need to reopen a closed workers' compensation case. Perhaps the most common reason is a change in your medical condition. If your injuries have worsened or if you have developed new symptoms or conditions related to the workplace accident, you may require additional medical treatment or benefits.  

Another reason could be the discovery of new evidence that wasn't available at the time of the original hearing. This could be medical records, witness testimonies, or any other information that could potentially change the outcome of the case.  

In some instances, you may discover that the original order was procured by fraud or mistake. For example, if your employer or their insurance company provided false information or if there was a mistake in identity, you may need to reopen the case to correct these issues.  

Let The Law Office of Bruce C. Betzer Assist You

At the Law Office of Bruce C. Betzer, we understand how intimidating the process of reopening a closed workers' compensation case can be. It involves complicated legal procedures and meeting strict deadlines. But you don't have to do it alone. We're here to help.  

Our dedicated team is well-versed in Louisiana's workers' compensation laws and can guide you through each step of the process. We'll review your situation thoroughly, determine whether you meet the criteria for reopening a case, and help you file the necessary paperwork. We'll also represent you at hearings and negotiate with your employer or their insurer on your behalf.  

We believe in advocating for our clients' rights and ensuring they receive the benefits they're entitled to. If your medical condition has changed or if you've discovered new evidence, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're committed to helping you through this challenging journey and securing the best possible outcome for your case. Remember, we're in this together.