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Cyclists, Motorcyclists and Pedestrians: At Risk on The Roads

On Behalf of The Law Office of Bruce C. Betzer June 9, 2021

When you think about a car crash, you probably imagine two passenger vehicles colliding. That’s not always the case, though. Sometimes, it’s a pedestrian or cyclist who gets hit. Other times, it motorcyclists.

These individuals are using smaller vehicles, or sometimes no vehicle at all, so they can be harder to see and avoid. Still, it is their responsibility, as well as the responsibility of other drivers, to make sure they are not hit.

Cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians can all take steps to be safer on the roads. For example, some helpful tips may include:

  • Choosing routes with less traffic

  • Wearing bright or light colors to stand out

  • Obeying all traffic signals

  • Putting away distractions

Of course, they are not the only people who need to be cautious. Drivers should be aware that these people will be on or around the roads and be prepared to react accordingly. They should:

  • Give motorcyclists and cyclists space on the roads

  • Look for smaller vehicles or pedestrians who may be in hard-to-spot positions

  • Put down distractions and pay close attention to the road

Doing these things may help avoid a serious crash.

Cyclists, Pedestrians and Motorcyclists Are at A Higher Risk of Injuries in Crashes

Cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists are at a greater risk of being injured if they’re involved in a crash. They have fewer protections, like seat belts or the body of a vehicle, to absorb the impact and protect their bodies.

Even a slower crash could result in serious injuries. That’s why it’s so important for both these individuals and other drivers to make a concerted effort at obeying the traffic laws and watching out for each other’s safety.

What Should You Do if You’re Hit by A Car?

No matter what kind of collision you’re involved in, your priority has to be your health. Seek medical attention as soon as possible, so that you can get the care you need. After this, you can look into your legal rights and obligations following the crash. You may be able to make a claim for compensation against an at-fault driver, so that you can focus on your recovery.