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Screens in New Cars Are Bigger, Not Necessarily Safer

On Behalf of The Law Office of Bruce C. Betzer March 2, 2021

Residents of Matairie, New Orleans and other areas of Louisiana might be interested in learning more about the fact that new technology in vehicles does not necessarily make them safer. Larger screens are being built into automobiles, mirroring the size of TV screens at home. Car owners might welcome the larger screens, but they come with safety risks.

New Trend Towards Larger Screens

Mercedes-Benz now features a 56-inch curved screen inside its electric car. Other makers are following the trend. Some manufacturers seek to attract buyers with the “wow” factor, especially in higher-priced vehicles.

The 56-inch screen Mercedes-Benz will be sold in 2022 with a price tag of $110,000. The automaker claims that smart technology helps to solve the problem of driver distraction while the car is in motion because the screen shuts down when the driver’s eyes leave the road.

Safety Watchdogs Voice Concern

Concerns about car accidents are being voiced as these new screens create a diversion from the road. Just as cellphones grab attention for drivers, entertainment from a large screen is a concern as another attention diversion.

Integrating these screens into the vehicle may be increasing a problem that already exists in automobiles. One AAA study in 2019 found that infotainment in vehicles as well as voice commands, software menus and center consoles often presented a problem for older drivers especially. The NHTSA has already issued red flags about driver distraction, but the organization has not issued new standards for vehicle makers to follow.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, possibly from a distracted driver, you may want to consult an attorney with experience in this type of law. A legal professional might be able to help you recover damages to make life for your family easier after the accident.